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 TRUSTED BY Thousands of customers since 2009

Painters Hobart

Local Painting Experts

TRUSTED BY Thousands of customers since 2009

Painters Hobart

Local Painting Experts

Professional House Painters Hobart

Serving Hobart, Tasmania for over 12 years

If you’re looking for professional painters in Hobart, look no further than our company. We have years of experience and specialise in painting houses as well as exterior house projects. Our painters are skilled professionals with a long list of satisfied customers who can vouch for their high quality workmanship from start to finish so give us call today before another contractor takes over your job.

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    4 Important steps every home owner needs to
    know to get long-lasting painting results

    Having plenty of supplies on hand is essential. Make sure you’re well-rested, and don’t forget anything critical like paint remover or tools!

    Professional Painters Hobart

    Step 1: Protect And Set Up Job Area

    It’s a good idea to cover furniture, floors and walls before painting. Unexpected drips or splashes can happen at any time! Just be safe by covering these things in case they’re not covered already first; then all attention will focus where needed most: getting those peeling layers off old surfaces so new ones could take their place!”


    Step 2: Preparation And Priming

    In order to ensure a clean, smooth surface for painting purposes, remove any old marks or stains from the walls with an abrasive cleaner before starting. Fill in any large holes that may have been left behind by previously applied products.


    Step 3: Painting

    Once the preparation work has been completed, it is now time to paint. Take your smaller brush and carefully highlight any edges or corners where walls meet floors/ceilings so they are painted perfectly.

    This will ensure no one spot stands out too much as being different from what surrounds them resulting efforts blend together more seamlessly overall

    Painter Hobart
    Painting Contractor Hobart

    Step 4: Clean Up And Job Inspection

    A professional painting contractor will leave your home in pristine condition, but when you’re working on a budget it’s smart to do some prep work. One step that many do not thing about is the drying process. Make sure your newly painted surface is left with plenty of time to dry. Leave the furniture and floors covered in the worksite for protection from paint drips until the walls are completely dry.

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    Experience Makes The Difference for House Painting Hobart

    We have been trusted by many as their go-to professional painting service Hobart for more than 12 years. Our experience, knowledge and skills put us in the top as a preferred choice among customers looking to get quality work done on time with minimum fuss. We deliver only high standards of excellence – it’s what keeps our customer satisfied.

    Every job is commenced with a thorough inspection by our Painters Hobart supervisor, but no project will be completed until you give your approval. We’ll make sure everything looks as good on the outside and inside as it does in pictures.

    Why are our Painters Hobart the top choice when compared to the competition?

    We only hire and send the best painters in Hobart to your worksite to complete your painting project. All of our professionals have worked with top commercial real estate agents in the area for several years. We will make sure that your project is completed when you need it done. We don’t just get it done fast. We get it done right.

    Trust our experience and our reputation, and let us serve you. Let us give your home or commercial property a brand new, fresh and clean look that it deserves. Contact Painters Hobart today to see what we can do for you!