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Body Corporate and Real-Estate Painting

Body Corporate and Real-Estate Painting

Regardless of the size of your project, we are able to help!

Painting professionals in Hobart offer the best commercial painting services for both residential and non-residential properties. Our team can handle all your needs from townhouses, apartments or rental units.

Protect Your Property Investment

Commercial real estate owners know that painted walls are an important part of their investment. Also understand the importance in maintaining this quality for tenants, which will help increase ROI.

When you rent out living space, there is a lot of wear and tear that needs to be touched up between tenants. Our experts are able restore the look of these walls quickly. 

Let Us Handle Hard-To-Reach Areas

Painting is a complex and time-consuming task, but not with our commercial painting services. We can get access to equipment in order to paint those hard-to reach areas or obtain any necessary permits that may be required.

Contact us today for a free estimate to see how we can help you get the most out of your real estate investment.

    • What Commercial Painting Services does Hobart Painters provide?

    Commercial painting in Hobart provides professional interior and exterior paint projects that you can rely on any time of the year. Whether it’s a new construction or an apartment complex, we have got your covered.

    Commercial Painting From The Team Who Got Your Back

    Whether it is a single building with limited interior space or an entire massive complex that requires outdoor and indoor renovation, we are here for your painting needs. We have the equipment needed to get the job done and are able to acquire any special permits needed. Whether you need a touch up of a room in between tenants or an entire new construction site painted to look great from the start.

    • Which paint is better – oil paint or acrylic paint?

    Oil paint has traditionally been seen as being superior to water-based options since they are made from durable chemicals. However, a lot of these oils have now disappeared and are being phased out in favour for acrylic paints that provide an easier surface withstanding wear & tear. Plus weathering well over time before needing another coat. Acrylic paint has improved drastically over the years and now provides a nice surface that is easy to clean and stands up to wear and tear and weather.

    Often, commercial properties will have low-quality acrylic paint base coated over a previously applied oil paint. When this happens our painter in Hobart can recommend that the failing coat be stripped and brought back to stable substrate before being finished with two coats of new top quality paints for excellent results.

    • What types of preparation need to be done to my commercial property?

    Every property is different for commercial painting in Hobart projects which means the amount of preparation needs to be tailored specifically for each situation.

    Generally speaking, new paint requires a clean surface and any peeling or rusting will need removing first before it can get applied with primer as well. Your individual project will be assessed before any painting work begins.

    • Does all the old paint need to be removed before it can be repainted?

    A short answer to this question is no. Not all of the old paint will need to be removed by our commercial painters in Hobart, but it’s important that you remove any loose peeling or cracking surfaces before your next coat so we can give quality service without sacrificing results for you.

    Every situation varies depending on how severe each problem is; every job demands slightly different services than another. If you want to have a specific area of the building, such as front doors or entryways we can accommodate with no problem. Sometimes, these services can be rather expensive.

    • How many coats of paint are appropriate for my project?

    When our commercial painter in Hobart assesses your project and what needs to be done, how many coats of paint needed will depend on its durability. The quality preparation work you’ve already put into the walls really does matter more than just measuring out a certain amount or coating thickness.

    A typical paint job requires two coats of paint. However, if you are changing the color dramatically or trying to achieve an effect that will show through clearly in some areas but not others then just one full prime coat before finishing is needed for new raw surfaces like wood floors and drywall ceilings.

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