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Are you looking for a professional painter in Hobart, Battery Point?

Painters Hobart, prides itself in being the number one full-service for residential and commercial painting service operating in Battery Point area. Our team are qualified and focused in all kind of painting services and practices that keep your home outdoor in indoor in prime condition throughout the entire year.



We know that painting is not always an easy task to handle. You need professionals with the knowledge and skills who will come ready for any kind of weather or condition you can throw at them!

Painters Hobart has been operating in Battery Point area since 1995, so we’ve got plenty experience under our belt when it comes time take care your home’s exterior needs this season–no matter what they may be.”

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    About Battery Point TAS 7004

    The suburb of Battery Point is immediately south of the central business district. It’s in a city called Hobart, which you may know as the home to many historic buildings and museums! The point was named after these batteries that were established on it during 1818-19 years ago; they’re not used for defense anymore though–their purpose then was just celebrating occasions with fireworks displays or soldats derepairing: attacks from enemy ships trying come into this area where there were no natural barriers before now (such Montgomery Bay).

    Battery Point is more than just a village; it’s Hobart’s premium real estate and home to some of the city’s most desirable properties. The cottages have all been renovated to balance modern chic with old world charm, making them perfect for anyone who wants both worlds in one place! If you’re looking at where should live but don’t know how much money can buy then head down south – there are plenty places available here that will fit your budget

    Things To Do:

    There are plenty of things to do and see in Battery Point. One way you could spend the day would be window shopping at any number antique shops or bookstores while taking time out for some lunch along the way too! If history catches your fancy, then consider doing a walking tour that will explore what life used look like back when it was just beginning here – with all its natural beauty yet bustling communities-before moving onto other parts throughout town where people built their lives anew over again every generation


    There are plenty of places to stay in Battery Point, but if you’re looking for something with character and charm then look no further. Whether it be an old 19th century tavern that has been restored into accommodations or one its cottages right on the water – there’s sure to be your perfect match! If exploring Hobart isn’t enough reason alone (what is?), downtown brims with authentic restaurants & shops while never being too far away either; making this little island paradise truly unforgettable

    What to eat:

    Hampden Road and its surroundings are filled with dining options. Whether you’re looking for sushi, a traditional pub serving a counter meal and a stout, or craving a family-run Italian restaurant, you’ll be sure to find it in Battery Point.


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