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Dynnyrne TAS 7005

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Painters Hobart offers high quality painting services in the Dynnyrne area. We are committed to providing you with skilled professionals who will be ready for whatever kind weather we might throw your way, indoors or outdoors!

We are the team for you if your looking to paint any part of your home, office building or business!
We offer full service painting from start-to finish with our professional painters who will come ready for anything that you want done.

With over 20 years experience under their belt in Dynnurne area we guarantee quality workmanship and 100% satisfaction guaranteed  – don’t hesitate call us today!”

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    Dynnyrne TAS 7005

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    Dynnyrne Tasmania

    About Dynnyrne TAS 7005

    Dynnyrne is a residential neighborhood in the city of Hobart, located 3 kilometers away from its namesake capital. This state suburb has an estimated 1577 people living there according to 2016 census data–a small population when compared against other Australian cities but still quite significant! The land atop this hill was once farmland before being developed into apartments and condos that line both banks on either side with views overlooking the Derwent River below as well as university gardens just over Memorial Bridge


    The suburb of Dynnyrne was gazetted as a locality in 1970. It’s named for an 18th century plantation house that once stood on this land, which was built by Robert William Murray – whose claim to fame is being descended from Sir William Murrays 1st baronet back when he lived at Dunearn Castle near Edinburgh Scotland! Members public were invited ideas they could chose from during 1940 but only six made it onto final list because those others had already been used or nearly duplicated words within other proposal names like Cooloola (used previously), Illawara(also occurring)Karinga Telopee Rosslyns Pambula

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    Direction to Painters Hobart

    University Apartments – University of Tasmania

    Fitzroy Gardens

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